Indirect Support for OGL Horror


I was going through Rpgnow and I picked up a couple of Ronin Arts products called Monstrous Advanced Classes because their on sale for halloween. After reading them I'm pretty sure that they could be useful to my ogl Horror campaign.

Each one includes a 10-level advanced class that allows a character to develop into a:

Bogeyman (similar to Jason)

Each has a series of selectable weaknesses and benefits so that the monsters don't become cookie cutters that my player can say all vampires are ...

There is also a new product called Vampires: Dark Lord which details the statistics for a vampire at 5, 10, and 15 HD.

All the products are designed for d20 modern so you may need the mongoose pocket book or modern srd to get full use out of them, but I think its worth it to gain more varied opponents for OGL Horror.
The system can be used with the D&D 3.5 version as well, I mean I've had no real problem with the tempates out of those books, so why not try those as well. All you really have to remember is to triple the HD, damage reduction and fast healing.
Just use your Imagenation and you can master any RPG with the templates in other books... Thats all I'm saying. :twisted: :lol: