Indirect support for OGL Steampunk


Arcane Rune Press and Ronin Arts has begun to release a series of pdf's at called Visions which are designed to, "most compelling elements of real world mythology."

So far the set has involved

The Pumpkin Patch - Jack-o-Lantern and Halloween folklore
Phantasmal Memories - Variant Ghosts and thier tales from folklore
Stitches - Frankenstein and Promethian golems

Although not written up for OGL Steampunk, they may still be a valuable source of idea/monsters/items for a superstitious campaign tone.
Ronin Arts expansion to Steam & Steel by E.N. Publishing - Steam & Steel Diseases also works well with OGL Steampunk. (Trust me, your players will hate you. :evil: )

For that matter Steam & Steel itself is worth mining for material, in particular some of thecreatures.

The Auld Grump, Conductor standing watch in his hand
Got to get aboard take you to his land
I'm going down the road on the Hellbound Train
The author of OGL Steampunk has a new product out for Ronin Arts called the Artificial Hero's Handbook. It should have some more OGL Steampunk related stuff in it. OGL Steampunk made it into the S15.
S15 means Section 15.

Its the copyright notice of a book. It typically means that OGC from the books listed in S15 made it into this new product or some list them their as inspiration to the new material.
The main usefulness for OGL Steampunk games is that all the new features for artificial character types is organized in trees, and there's an easy system to select them as talents.

And if you don't like the CoGS as they are presented, The Artificial Hero's Handbook allows you to design your own customised construct race :)