Improvement Rolls


After reading the rules I’m unclear as to the relationship between improvement rolls and practice and research. Basically it comes down to the question ‘do I need to practice/research a skill to spend improvement rolls on them’? So taking the example from P96 did Trogdar already have an improvement roll earned from an adventure or did he get one for doing the research ?
It looks like yes. You do have to practicle or do research before you can improve. Note though that the defeination of "practice" is pretty loose, and includes things like sparring with your fellow adevntures around the campire and such.

Basically, this is like the old "it takes about a week to make improvement rolls" from RQ3. It look like if the characters are reasonable active and can justify using a skill they can spend a point to imrpove it.

The same seems to hold true with Mentors.

Hope that clears things up.