I'm doing my part!

Lorcan Nagle

I've been giving some thought to SST: Evo, and I'm going to take the six month hiatus as a chance to build up my MI army some more, giving me plenty of cash to continue on with another faction should I desire at the time. So in that regard, I've ordered the Klendathu invasion sourcebook and 5 boxes of LAMI. After that, it's Exosuits. If I've time after that, Pathfinders and Marauders. I intend to be able to field a maximum strength platoon of any type of MI (I already have 8 full squads of PAMI), and I'm gonna get that finished ASAP.

Matt and the guys at Mongoose give us so much and get a horrendous amount of stick, especially over the shift involved with Evolution. Even if I don't like Evo, I'm still gonna play with the old rules and the old minis, and I'm going to keep some sales from SST going their way between now and Arpil as a show of good faith and a return on all the cool stuff they do for us.

I'm with Lorcan on this one - I've only just started collecting SST, and I don't intend to stop, even if only for 8 months.

I've just put in my order for the beginnings of a marauder platoon, the rest of an exo platoon, and plenty o' bugs. I don't think I'll go so far as to make a whole company of anything, but I'm definately going to flesh my forces out so that I have a flexible platoon of /all/ types of MI, and a large bug army.

So far I've got or am getting:

2x Pathfinder Squads, 1x Pathfinder K9 squad + a conversion or two

3x Full (12 man w/extras) LAMI squads with Officers and Sundry (46 men total)

32x PAMI, w/CHAS and Reliants, heroes of the MI

4 Cougars, 6 Grizzlies

2 Apes, 1 Chickenhawk, 1 Nighthawk

TAC UAV and Missiles

Bugs wise: Brain, Overseer, 2x mantis, 38x warrior, 2x burrower, 9x rippler, 1x infiltrator
I'm with you guys as well. I just started playing at Origin in June and since then I have gotten the following:

Starship Troopers Miniatures Game Boxed Set
Arachnid Army Book
Mobile Infantry Army Book
Hopper Bugs box set
Brain Bug
Plasma Bug
Mantis Assassin/Hunter Bug
Control Bugs
Infiltrator Bug
King Tanker
Warrior Bug Mega-Swarm
Rippler Bug Mega-Swarm
CHAS box set
Female Cap Troopers
Pathfinder Trooper Squad Box Set
The Pathfinders Army Book
Pathfinder K9 Squad
Veteran Cap Troopers
Mobile Infantry Light Armour Troopers
Skinnie Raiders
Skinnie Militia
Skinnie Leader of Slaves

So I am only going to stop buying for a while so I can catch up on putting together and painting all my new stuff. :D
I was very apprehensive about SST given some of the stuff that has been talked about on this forum for 2 years, “quality control issue”, “assembly problems”, “delays”, “the big announcement”. I only built the ACTA ships and occasionally stumble over from that forum. But the SST models look awesome and have been hard to resist. I guess I won’t actually ever have the time to play the game itself.

So I took the plunge this week and yesterday the post brought:

1x Pathfinder K9 squad

1x Veteran CAP squad.

By midnight all were assembled and based and the Army Books for Pathfinders and Mobile Infantry purchased as pdfs - I am converted.

So on the morning commute into town today I decided I need:

Heros (maybe an extra sniper or two)
2 Pathfinder Squads
4 CAP squads (incl. 1 Female CAP squad)
Mobile Infantry Mk II K9 Squad
2 LAMI boxes

Don’t know about the armoured/mechanised elements yet nor about what supporting units might be “useful”..

What I really really want/need/would like very much are the Fleet Landing Parties.
same here i want to get a load more Grizzles, another 1 or 2 marauders, and about another 4-6 boxes of LAMI. plus i need to finish my little bug army too.
being all for instant gratification there's no way i'll wait 8 months for new version of minis that i want, and which are already nice, so i'm going to buy some this weekend(but i'll paint them after i pass that goddamn make-up exam on prehistoric archeology :?).
the great question is-couguar platoon, or marauders? :lol:
Option C -> take Grizzlies, not Coguars (ok, Coguars are better than Grizzlies for NCOs and LTs, but for the squads, grab the bears) :wink:
i know, but a) grizziles look worste then Couguars, and b) everyone and their granny takes grizzlies. i'd rather take the herder path but retain orginality :wink:
It might be the potential 24xD10 Piercing/1 Firestorm missiles per turn that a squad of 3 Grizzlies can fire on the bounce with direct fire that draws people's attention...

But hey, cheers for being original.
I am thrilled about the pre-painted. I mongoose pulls this off they will have done something marvelous. I fully support this project. 6 months without a major income stream is a long time.

I shall certainly continue to purchase what I can afford to add to my current ridiculous stash of SST figures.

For the nonce it will be slightly less each month than it has been in the near past as I just took a huge $50,000 hit on my savings account courtesy of my wife. :!: :!: :!:

Seriously, I love her dearly but she really messed up my current retirement. Am now looking for a job to supplement said retirement.

She has been suitably chastised for her transgressions. Worry not, things have a way of working out. :D :D :D

Besides I have about 270 to 330 or so LAMI to paint three box sets MI and Warriors to go from scratch and many, many other figures and projects (scenery, terrain etc.) to keep me busy until January.

Hope to be fully back on track financially by then. So it is all good. :D :D :D :D :D
I support Mongoose all the way. Guess I really am a FANBOY. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
I'm buying two CHAS's for my Exo platoon today and plan to buy a Thorny Tanker this weekend. I just finished painting my Overseer and am working on some Ripplers later. I'm doing my part!
I'm doing my part too *laughter*
But anyways, I'm still wanting to get around to painting a crap-load of lami and cap troopers, and still wanting to finish my marauder platoon, buy some exo-suits and all of my bugs other than the 20 assembled warriors and such that came with the starter box, oh and a pathfinder box, and maybe another box for those meat shie... err recruits lol :lol: too, oh and who wants me to paint them up to have their "lazer tag" suits on? :wink: