Ideas for running A After Drinax Campaign


Inspired by A Old Traveller Campaign I was a player in back in The 90's where I played as part of a group that commanded A Small Fleet designed to hunt down enemies of The Imperium that was basically A Traveller Version of Star Wars from The Empires point of View how do I run A Campaign where The Players are all SS 12 to 15 Nobles working for and fully funded be Drinax with A Small Armada of at least 7 900 ton, 5 500 ton, 3 1,300 ton and 1 1,700 ton ships to hunt down and capture or kill and/or destroy personnel and ships that are pirates, smugglers, criminals, traitors, terrorists, none fee payers, enemies of Drinax and other wrong-doers?

Worst of all this is roughly 115 years after A Drinax Campaign lasting from, thanks to Anagthics, 1,105 to 1,172 or around 67 years, so starting in around 1,287 and by the that time Drinax has to be at least, to make it logical, 1 TL' higher or at least just started TL 16 and has to be at least 1 3rd bigger then it was time the 1,188 or no smaller then, by my estimate, 120 Worlds, a army of more them 594.2 billion part-time and almost 64.8 billion full-time soldiers and 5,414 ships worth a total of 6,845 Fighting Dice and 16 Capital Ships

Ideas for this please?. My players have convinced me to try but I'm way out of my league. Thank you