I want a second Fleet!!

What Should my second fleet be?

  • Drazi - They are like Angry Narn

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  • EA - No-one can beat Bricks in space!

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  • Shadows - A damned easy paintjob after painting 10 war points of Narn!!

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  • Minbari - Join the stealth brigade

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  • Wait for the Drahk, they should be really cool

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Cosmic Mongoose
OK then, I am mostly happy with my Narn, I have one or two issues, but every fleet has to overcome these obstacles right?! :shock:
Anyhow, I'm thinking I should buy my second fleet now, but I'm unsure of what to go for.. thoughts? reasoning? I've obvioulsy listed the ones I would be most interested in, but I'm open to other suggestions I guess!
darn, they seem to have got cut off the poll, but yeah drahk, mysterious...ooohhhhhhh
I say Minbari though of course you then have to deal with the anti stealth winges....

Reason 1: Their ships look so cool
Reason 2: They were cool in the show (especially Neroon)
Reason 3: Nials. I love them. (yes I know fighters aint as nasty as they used to be but theyre still cool damnit!)
play centauri, that way if someone else barrows your fleet for a game, you can do a cool narn v. centauri

or wait for the drakh, they should be cool...
I like taking a "lesser" race as a second fleet, especially one that has hostile fluff with your first "major power." Drazi probably help diversify your local gaming environment and they can still be fluff-fielded vs. Narn. Of course, if you are tired of painting, Drazi make a TERRIBLE choice ;) I mean, who else has a "battlecruiser" as a PATROL option!
Have to say I like the look of the Drazi too. Lots of little biting ships of reasonable power.....

But I haven't even painted half my shadows yet.

Then we can have three Minbari factions in the campaign: you as religious caste, Ian as warriors, me as workers.

And make sure we play in a room with a skylight. :lol:

More seriously, Centauri would make a good counterweight to the Narns.

If the box set still has 10 WS it's ludicrously good value, even if it is only 9, it's a perfect 5 point War fleet bar the fighters.

I started with Centauri but voted for Minbari... Gotta be easier to assemble than #$%# EA... Nova turrets.... Hyperion bridges....
Hmm. I think I may be a bit of my rocker but...

I started with Minbari, and when I had a nice sizable fleet for B5W I got some EA and repeated... Long story short. I now I have all major 4 races and HUGE Shadow fleet and a rapidly groing Vorlon fleet. To put it into B5W terms. Most of my fleets are more then 40k worth, minbari is peaking at 85k and shadows at 65 a short second, but then again. I did alot of ebaying and checking in that time between B5W was cancelled to CtA came out.

Next race I will be getting is Dilgar, have no minis at all for them, also going to finish and make the other 3 in the major 4 more CtA friendly. As in, more Skirmish level and raid level, god knows I got more then enough Battle and War level ships, with exception of the new minis being made.
85k of B5Wars..... erm thats just a tiny bit OTT mate :p It would take oooh about 47 years to play a game of B5 Wars on that scale I reckon :lol:
Hmmmmmm wonder which one I voted for? :wink:

Seriously EA is a pretty easy jump to make from Narn, most of the ships are about the same speed, you get similar damage values from weapons and comparable hulls, and it is possible to use similar Dag'Kar tactics with the saggi.

(Although when fighting Drazi I'd suggest the Narn, E-mines are good against Drazi swarm fleets).
Matt said:
is ther plans for a dilgar fleet ?

To quote Londo: "I can only assume you have not been paying attention!"


Dilgar Fleet book scheduled for release Jan 2006, and I believe the Dilgar feature in the upcoming ACTA Starter set.