I find this rather odd


I did a search for Armageddon while waiting for a lecture to start (still deciding whether to preorder or not) and I found the 3 seperate fleet box sets. The presence of these box sets in nothing surprising, considering EA's split in Armageddon, but what is surprising is what ships are in which.

The third age box set has a Warlock in it. I can understand this, considering the Warlock was mentioned during the original series.

What is more surprising is that the Crusades era box set DOESN't have a Warlock. I guess we can use the 2 Nemesis destroyers as proxy as the do look rather similar.

Anyone else wonder about this, or am I just strange?
I supose they didnt wanted to include all the possible fleet options in the box so you still eed to buy some more miniatures.

ther isnt an Hyperion either.... (the assault version is included in the list too)
Yeah, especcially since the average EA player bought 1 or 2 Apollo`s when SFOS came out, and the box contains 3 more of those buggers :S and only a single Marathon
It already includes 2, so what's one more going to matter? Besides, if they had wanted to give a diverse option the could have had one Warlock and one Nemesis. I suppose the crusades era box set makes sense for people who have the original EA box set since it includes all the crusade level ships that aren't in that.