Hyperion Bridge Schematics

Mongoose Si

After a long and fruitless search for bridge schematics of the Hyperion heavy cruiser. I decided to create my own. I studied scenes from the TV movie, "In The Beginning" and (hopefully) created a fairly accurate bridge plan.

I know there have been many conversations about the Hyperion on these forms so I thought I would share it with you all. You can download it from my site - http://www.starstuff.co.uk/material

My drawing skills are not great but hopefully it will be of use :)
Looks pretty good. But, you should also remember that since the Hyperion runs under micro-G conditions there are stations on the bulkheads and even the overhead. Look really closely at the scenes in "In the Beginning" you'll see what I mean. This doubles the amount of crew stations as show.
There are large wall monitors on the bulkheads which I have mentioned in the text, but maybe I should indicate this on the diagram? Most of the actual terminals seemed to be positioned in front of the seats which I guess is for easy operation since they tend to strap themselves in.

I didn't notice anything overhead. I'll have to have another look...
I've just been checking the DVD again - definately nothing overhead. I have tweaked the schematic a bit and added in the wall monitors though :)
Nice job (and the same goes for the site as well)! :D

Is the Omega next??? (Or should I say an Omega as I seem to remember at least 3 different layouts!)

Traveller-61 said:
Nice job (and the same goes for the site as well)! :D

Is the Omega next??? (Or should I say an Omega as I seem to remember at least 3 different layouts!)


Cheers :) An Omega may well be next - I know there a quite a few episodes in season 4 where we see the bridge so there will hopefully be enough there to make a plan from.

I will also be doing some more areas of the Hyperion since I need these for my campaign. However, since we have not seen any other parts of the ship, I will have to make it up :shock:
Ghost Dancer said:
Cheers :) An Omega may well be next - I know there a quite a few episodes in season 4 where we see the bridge so there will hopefully be enough there to make a plan from.

There's also a few other areas of the ship shown as well (including some corridors in Crusade)
I'm drawing some plans of ther areas of the Hyperion. Obviously I'm making it up since we only ever the bridge on the show.

So far I'm working on plans for fire control, security, brig, communications, engineering and a rec room. Most of these are not a problem, except for engineering. What exactly would be in this section? I'm not really sure so I thought I would ask for everyones opinion on it.

Traditionally, the engineering section contains the engines, but looking at the deck plans for the Hyperion in the EA fact book, the engineering section is forward of the engines so what exactly is in engineering? The propulsion systems? Jump engines? :shock: Other possibilities I can think of include a computer terminals, a small workshop and storage for various tools & parts.

Your suggestions & opinions would be most welcome :)
For engineering I'd guess that there are terminals for monitoring the main engines and the jump engines.
Plus something for environmental controls and internal power grids maybe?

Of course those plans that you are making for the Hyperion should do for almost any EF ship!

Keep up the good work :D

These ships are powered by massive fusion reactors and probably some sort of fusion engine design. I'm sure that the engines and such are deliberately away from the crew areas to reduce radiation exposure.

The engineering section will be where the ship's engineering staff monitor and control the vital systems of the ship. They should have various stations monitoring the power systems and engines. they probably have access to the engines from here, even if the engines are located remotely. They may have a number of control stations for bots that do the hands on work.

The main life support systems will probably be placed here, though no doubt small supplemental systems are located in decentralized areas about the ship for emergencies.

The ship has a massive power grid, much like a small city. Power generation systems, if not the reactor itself, will be here, as will most of the power distribution system.

Engineering may also be the base station for maintenance and damage control crews.
Ghost Dancer said:
Has anyone else got any thoughts on what would be in the engineering section?

AoG had two sections dealing with power and a section for the jump engine.

In your ship we could have all three separate or together.

There would be some sort of relatively narrow passages to allow the engineers access to the major components and/or these areas could be much wider to allow for large pieces of machinery to be replaced.

I can see monitoing stations similar to those in othe sci-fi shows but I'd expect that the crew were strapped in during any fighting.

Emergency repairs should be accomplished in some sort of harness to prevent the crewman from being thrown into the equipment or tossed around during violent changes in direction.

Cargo bays should have everything strapped down to prevent any shift in transit.

Take B5, Star Trek, Firefly and all the other space shows you've seen as a refference and remembar that the humans and many other younger races don't have artificial gravity.

I've finally finished the latest updates to the Hyperion ship schematics. I've updated the bridge layout and I've also added in the following rooms - fire control, communications, security & brig, engineering, and a recreation room.

I did have a go at doing the bridge for an Omega destroyer, but it's so complicated because it is an odd shape. All the scenes I looked at (from eps in season 4) did not show the whole area either. I've given up for now, but I may have another go at it one day.

However, I was watching A Call To Arms and noticed they did a good sweep of the bridge on the Excalibur, so maybe I'll do that one next? :shock:

Anyway, I hope you find what I have done of some use. As usual, you can download it from my site http://www.starstuff.co.uk
One item to add confusion to the Omega. They deliberately used tricks to make the bridge look bigger on the small set they were using. That is bound to make figuring out the layout just that much harder. I also vaguely recall that it was actually CNC, just redressed.
Those plans will be a great help when my players get off their station and into space!

I'll look forward to seeing your take on the Excalibur!
And of course if you decide to branch out into the Narn or Centauri then there was so little shown on screen you should have a free hand! :D

Good luck!