Hyborias Fiercest

Ranzadule said:
When you feel that you are fighting, it's time to just let it go for a bit.

Repeated for emphasis because it is good advice.

But seriously, Raven, consider that these boards are ideally for game related discussion, especially of the Conan RPG by Mongoose Publishing.

Correcting someone's quote of REH, and straightening them out on the history of D&D are, I think, within the field of relevance.

Personal attacks are skating on thin ice here. Just because you put a smiley face and say "no offense intended" doesn't mean that they aren't personal attacks.

I corrected you on two issues, both of which you were wrong about, and you immediately turned it into a personal attack. Initially, a minor one, inferring that I'm an obnoxious jerk (or is there some other way to describe people who talk during films and give away plot points?). Then, you got even more defensive and rude with your post, calling me (through inference) a pompous ass.

(This, from someone who actually signed a post "Childe of Night".)

This in a thread, where rather than talk about the truly kick-ass sourcebook Vincent has written about warriors in Hyboria, you have regaled us with page after page of your views on the subjugation of women in society, eroticism, the failings of civilization, the propensity of men towards violence, love, sex, and have been arguing with almost everyone here, showing remarkable intolerance and taking every disagreement as a personal attack.

It is also possible to make a point without coming across as a pompous ass.

Glass houses are not good places to throw stones from, even in Hyboria.