Hunting Bow Strength Bonuses


Are hunting bows elegible for strength bonuses?

Currently, I am undecided, so I'm looking for second opinions .

All of the regional bows specifically mention the strength bonus in their description, whilst the hunting bow does not.

However, the Strength Ratings sidebar says "All Bows".
Hmmm, interesting.
I always assumed that they do not add a strength bonus. Not sure if that's because I read it somewhere in the rules, or because of having played D&D in the past (composite versus normal bows).

However, having leafed through my books, I've found two things that would indicate that my assumption was correct.

For one, as you said, the weapon descriptions of all the regional bows state that they have a strength rating, while the description of the hunting bow only says "if you have a strength penalty, apply it to damage".

Secondly, the writeup of picts in AtTR (and in the Core book) don't have strength bonuses added to their hunting bow damage. Strangely though, some of the picts in AtTR have strength bonus added to AP.... :?

I haven't thought about this before, but now that you've mentioned it, I almost feel inclined to houserule that hunting bows do have strength ratings. Without it, it is a pretty crappy weapon.
Maybe you should ask your question in the rulesmasters forum. As far as I see you get there an official answer within the day.