HUGE plot hole and error in "The Ragged Edge."


I just picked up the PDF for "The Ragged Edge" from And there is a huge(to me) gap in the book and a rather glaring error.

Check either page 38 of the PDF or 37 of the book. There is a mention of getting into the Far Star computer files. They are encrypted. The second challenge by the computer is "Who sends the Wind?" The paragraph then goes on to talk about how the players won't learn the response to that question for quite some time. The players NEVER learn the answer. I did a text search on the PDF and those words are never mentioned again in the text. Nor is there a mention anywhere(that I noticed) as to what is behind the encryption even if you assume that the second challenge is "really" one of the other two catch phrases.

So what happened to the text? Was it an error in editing and nobody noticed? Or was Mongoose that lax in plot development as to ignore this issue? Course, I'd have been happy with something as simple as "GM to decide what is in the datafiles." But no mention of anything.

Has anyone else noticed this error? And Mongoose? What is behind the encryption? I sense the need for errata!
Ack. Good catch.

I'd originally intended for a lot of the expanation that Calliope gives to be in the Far Star's databanks, and the challenge/response would be discovered in the transcript of Haversham's conversation that the PCs get handed in Escape from Babylon 5.

Then I added an actual encounter with Calliope, making the data banks redundant, and I forgot to take the reference out of Excess Baggage. I realised that having the players sit there and listen to the Games Master read out the contents of the files for ages would be boring, so Calliope got to actually show up and rant instead.

The contents of the files would have been Callen Orestres' diaries and notes, about the purpose of Operation FIRMAMENT and the ORC.

I'd suggest using the files as a way to get the plot back on track if the players get lost and don't know what do to next. Have a Mysterious Transmission from Centauri Prime (sent by Lustria) arrive, containing the code to unlock the files. Basically, have the files contain whatever information the PCs need to get back to the main plot.
Ahhhh... That makes more sense then. Because the challenge given in Haversham's conversation isn't seen again as well so it would make sense to have been the second part of the Far Star issue.

Thanks for the response.