Some minor errors/typos in the Training Guide

Falka Riannon

I'm currently prepping for a oneshot of Shield Maidens and noticed some typos in the Missed Attacks table.
Result 4 Errant Fire asks for a Challenging (11) Agility roll in the main body of the book (page 109) but a Challenging (16) Agility roll in the Quick Reference Guide section (page 186).
I assume that both of them are supposed to be 11 since that is what Challenging is defined as and that those Agility rolls are supposed to be Acrobatics since Agility does not exist as a stat?

If I am reading an outdated PDF (mine is from February 24th 2023) or there has been an errata already that I did not see just ignore this.
Both were intended to be the former, so it's Challenging (11). Sorry for missing that! We will update it in the PDF :)