How to go about when your adventure has potential...?


Hello Mongoose, and all prospective literally referees!

So... My Travellers have been busy, with a mixture of Classic and Mongoosen adventures.
567-908 is by now interdicted as a red zone, Pavabid is maybe up for grabs, they are hailed as the Heroes of Salbarii and what is actually happening on Faldor...?!
All of this is turning out to be an actual campaign, and as such might be of interest to others. Even maybe and possibly for Mongoose.

How do one get around to awaken the interest of the latter?
I got a bit more ambition than that... 😉
If you are looking to get published, send an outline and maybe a writing sample from the campaign to me at and we will take a look. I would urge you to check and doublecheck the sample first though, and make sure it is self-edited as if it was being submitted for publication though :)