How long has SST got before everyone gets sick of waiting

So how long do you think SST will survive due to missed release dates and lack of new product?

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Yeah you're right, I think I'm just gonna go back to playing GW games, I'm tired of these dang increased waits.

:x Doh', they aren't gonna release anything new for my ork army or miniatures for like 10 years cuz they have so much important Power Armor things to release, I'll just stay with Mongoose where the armies are getting updated constantly (even Skinnies, just wait a little while :wink: ) :x



plus, any desenters/Naysayers can go read Msprange's 2 posts about how the tanker is going to now be released a bit early, nad how the firefries are on time.

Col. Hammer

My first post! :)

Well, I live in Finland and the local store has only the starter box and bug box available right now... They have ordered the marauder suits and hoppers, though, and I'm eagerily waiting to get my hands on some.

Right now I've bought two of the starter box sets, so I have a plenty of stuff to work on before the other stuff arrives.

I don't really care about the release schedule and if Mongoose can keep it... I still get the new stuff about month or two later than they are released. So the tanker bug won't be seen around here for a long time anyway.

I'm glad that this game is designed so that you can actually play real games with just the stuff coming in the starter boxes and the rest of the figures are just meant to expand the gaming experience.


Welcome Col. Hammer. Glad to hear that you decided to play dinner.

Yeah, Heck I still haven't gotten anything more than primer on my first set of hoppers, and then there's the rest of my bugs, all My 40k armies, and then... Too much. Luckily the bugs paint up easily.

The only bummer is the waiting, but I will be tickled pink or some other color when I first see the UPS boxes at my front portch. :lol:

Unfortunately for us around here there is no hobby store that specifically stocks SST. I have to go by internet, and its just that sometimes no matter how much you use a internet company, there is always a little thought that says, they took you money and aren't going to ship to you.