How common are Runes


Was wondering how common do most people plan on making Runes in their game? And beside finding them as loot do people plan on having quest for them?
I am thinking of having quest for them and making it dependent on what Cult one joins. For Runes that belong to One's God ,Cults would have fairly easy quest to recieve them( For example Storm bull has Air, Beast and death would be fairly easy) For a Stormbull to get a Death rune might be simply killing a Broo with one blow or a similiar chaos creature. Then there could be other Runes the cult has acquired by means of conquest or through alliances with friendly cults ,which would be more difficult but not real hard. For example our Stormbull worshipper to get a fertility rune to learn heal after finding that not only are broo nasty and smelling, but dont like getting killed and tend to fight back, would have to go to an Eritha Priestess and perfom some task for her. For other runes a player might have to figure out how to get a rune on his own. And for runes your cult hates there would not only be no quest asking about them might even be unhealthy( Your life insurance policy does not cover asking about how to gett a chaos rune at Stormbull temples)
another thing I notice is seem to say Runestone can be re used after the owner is dead. This I think that many runes would then become family heirlooms and that Temples, Noble houses thieves guilds, ect would have vaults of stones of former member who have passed on then. Not that they would just hand out such a rune to any adventurer that pass by but you could do them a big favor and earn one perhaps
And speaking of family heirlooms, How do most people feel about some body voluntary giving up a rune? for example could Grampa give up his metal rune he atuned as a young man so little Billy can have it , or does Little Billy have to push Grampa down the stairs?
I agree that a PC's cult should help them acquire the runes appropriate to the cult-perhaps as part of the initiation rituals. At least one rune will have to be gained (the rituals/tests should be part of the game, not previous experience except for those who have runecasting skills) for the supplicant to reach the level of initiation.
Runes will be common enough as all enemy spellcasters will have them. I would imagine though that each GM will make scarce the more important runes, or make difficult the integration of them. (Original RQ, though not really using runes, made clear that the mastery rune, for instance, was associated with the powerful.)
I wonder if Runes are going to be used at all in Glorantha. I mean we know GLorantha has divine magic, sorcery and some form of spirit magic. It also has dragon magic and EWF and God Learners stuff. Maybe it doesn't use Rune Magic at all.

With the moduality of MRQ we might even have each species with thier own magic system. Troll magic, and elf magic (magical cookies? :D)