High Guard 2022 clarifications


Emperor Mongoose
I didn't see a general feedback topic for High Guard 2022, so here goes:

For Metal Hydride Storage, p. 50, the fuel tank 'consumes twice the space as normal' and the Cost is 'MCr0.2 per ton of fuel'. (So it says in the table, but in the text, it just says 'costs MCr0.2 per ton'.)
So is that Cost per ton of fuel or per ton of fuel tank?
If it's per ton of fuel, it would be MCr0.1 per ton consumed, you see, but I'm not sure that's the intent.

Yes, a nit-picky edge case on an option nobody actually chooses (though it could be useful on a non-jump ship), but I've got a bug up my butt to make my own comprehensive ship design spreadsheet (no, not at all what I am supposed to be working on - though it is a sort of useful aid to what I should be working on - but sometimes I have to let the brainworms run the show...)
And another thing (also fringe, but for me at least I need to model something to understand it)

Common Area enhancements:
Some, such as the Advanced Entertainment System and Wet Bar have no tonnage requirement, so the cost is clearly in addition to the cost of the Common Area space (or actually, independent of it), but others, for instance the Brewery, have a tonnage and a tonnage cost, but for that brewery, the tonnage cost is the same (MCr 0.1 per ton) as a generic Common Area, so I have to assume that all costs, even if they have a tonnage is a cost above the 0.1 per ton for basic common area consumed. Or else, free booze... not that that's a bad thing... in moderation.

I'm assuming that is the correct interpretation, but it isn't explicitly spelled out, and it makes it harder to calculate, (my solution is to record the tonnage and add an additional 0.1 to the tons for each of the options that occupy space) so it would be nice to confirm.
Along with the pesky Metal Hydride nit above.

@paltrysum ? Anyone?
I always assumed the common area 'upgrades' were additional, sort of like optional extras on a lot of contracts, but Chris (almost certainly) will have the Correct™️ answer
This is apparently an actual bug - Manoeuvre Drive 0:

Page 16: 0.5% of hull and no reduction of cost (MCr 2 per ton), with the text "A manoeuvre or reaction drive with thrust 0 allows for an orbital space station to maintain position"
Page 64 (Space Stations): "Manoeuvre drive with Thrust 0 consumes 0.25% of the station's total hull and costs MCr 1 per ton." and "Required power = 10% of hull tonnage". Which, oddly, is the same as M-1 would require... except:

Page 17: (multiple by 0.25 if the ship is capable of only Thrust 0) - which should make it 2.5%?

So, I'm going to go with all M-0 drives consume 0.25% of hull and cost MCr1 per ton, requiring 2.5% of hull in power points, because it should all be equivalent, even if the book is not in agreement.

(Yes, I know, 2 years late on my input, but until I try to spreadsheet the sucker, I don't necessarily catch things)
Other oddities:
(In this case carried forward from the 2017 version, but things that makes me say: "Is that what was really wanted?")
  • A TL 10 Fuel refinery costs MCr1 per ton, while TL 7 costs MCr0.1 and TL 13 costs MCr0.5 - MCr0.2 or 0.25 would be more logical
  • Sensor requirements for a space station to be a starport seem arbitrarily high:
    • The minimum requirements for a Class A Starport include Improved sensors, which are TL12, so without imported or prototype equipment, the starport would need to be TL12 to qualify.
    • B and C require Civilian sensors, which are TL9, and D and E require Basic, which are TL 8 - Basic sensors are the only requirement for a Class E port.
(Now, I suppose the requirements for at least Basic are not that problematic, because a space station is by definition something requiring, well, at the very, very, least TL6 to produce, so you have to have enough tech to build one - Class E downports don't need any sensors, I presume, but the requirements for Class A and even B and C Highports make me want to just strike that column entirely.​
This seems to be a reason for megacorps such as GeDeCo to own/run starports in the Reach. They import all the tech to keep things running, the locals do not have the infrastructure to maintain without the 'competitively priced services' provided by the Corp.