High Frontier content..



Could anyone tell me if High Frontier has an abundance of premade air/space craft in it like the mek supplement had? I bought the armored companies book and was pretty disappointed at the lack of pregenerated faction units. While I like being able to custom build for players sake, I would have liked more variety of military units for each faction for convience.

The above reasons aside, I'd just like to know if there is a good amount of pregenerated faction forces in High Frontier. I'll probably get it regardless, just want to know how good a deal I should hunt for. Thanks. 8)
Is it mostly suborbital planes or do they also provide rules for surface-to-space and deep space only vehicles and combat?
They have one design of every major type of air/space-craft, just about.

From memory (book not with me right now) they have:
one EU fighter
one USA fighter
one bomber
one helicopter
one orbital spacecraft
one UAV-type air/spacecraft
one or two other designs.

That's about it.