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New to this group, but not to role-playing in general. As a long time Howard fan, I picked up the Conan RPG as soon as I could. I was very much impressed. It's amazing how a few seemingly superficial tweaks can change the tone of a rule set. Even my friend Joe, who is very much tired of D&D style fantasy games, loves the Conan RPG and enjoys the game I'm running right now.

Anyway, maybe some of you can help me out with something. A week or so ago I ran across a thread that had an unofficial list of upcoming Conan supplements slated for after Pirate Isles, but for the life of me I can't find it. I thought it was posted here, but perhaps it was also over at RPGNet. Anyhow, if anyone can direct me to it, I'd greatly appreciate it.


Jeremy Harper
Nope. Had a few more titles listed than Beyond The Thunder River and Shadizar. I'm starting to wonder if I hallucinated it.

Thanks very much, though.


Jeremy Harper
Yeah, that was it, though I thought it stretched into 2005. Oh well, five more supplements is still a lot of stuff to look forward to.

Thanks much,

Jeremy Harper