Help Complete Friend Computer's Calendar


Can anyone think of some more Alpha Complex holidays? I want to fill out the calendar.

Volunteer Day -- Service groups set up booths and try to pressure low clearance citizens into voluneering for dangerous assignments.

Power Services Resource Conservation Day -- Most citizens forget about this holiday because it doesn't always appear on their calendar until after it happens. Not to mention, this day seems to happen more often than once a year, and is celebrated in different sectors for different durations. During Resource Conservation Day(s) citizens are encouraged to reflect upon friend Computer's bounty while lying quietly in their bunks while all lighting, air flow, and food distribution is kept to a minimum. (Think rolling power blackouts al'la California)

Gen-U-FLK-4 Day -- High Programmer hacked into the system just to see if he could name a holiday after himself.

Confession Day -- Citizens are "highly encouraged" to enter confession booths to commune with Friend Computer about near-treasons they've witnessed. Failure to celebrate Confession Day is frowned upon so there are usually long lines at the confession booths. To handle the overflow Internal Security always stations 1 or more Confession Specialists near the booth. Also known as "Friend Computer's Helpers" the specialists sit in a chair and citizens line up to sit in their lap and whisper near-treasons in their ear.

Friend Computer Day -- This is a very low pressure holiday. Citizens may, at their discretion, show some personal form of appreciation for Friend Computer. Failure to demonstrate love for The Computer in no way signifies a tendency towards treasonous thought or behavior. Ostentatious displays should in no way be considered mandatory. Friend Computer Day is always celebrated the day before Confession Day.

Prior Clones Rememberance Day -- On this day citizens are expected to honor the sacrifices of their earlier increments and acknowledge their contribution to Alpha Complex's greater good. Tradition is that citizens are expected to engage 3 random citizens in spontaneous conversation at 6 hour, 12 hour and 17 hour with each telling a 1 minute story about their former clone(s). Upon conclusion the listener says "He/she/they was/were a true friend of The Computer." Swapping swigs of B3 is optional.

The only problem is, most citizens don't know exactly how or why their former clones died. This is especially problematic for Troubleshooter's since 87% of former Troubleshooters are executed for some form of treason and all treasonous deaths are classified.

Failure to participate in an official Computer holiday is highly suspicious at best.

Traitor Amnesty Day

IntSec trap. Portable Termination Booths are set up in random abandomed (like the rhyme?) buildings. An IntSec officer is outside smiling, kissing babies (hey, it could happen), pumping hands, and generally being all politician like.

"Confess your treasonous activities and be forgiven by the Computer," he claims.

"The Computer wishes to wipe the slate clean, and give everyone a chance to start a new life full of happiness. The Computer says so, and the Computer is your friend."

And the slate will definitely be "wiped" clean. :D
Enjoy some FunFoods sponsored by FunFoods a service firm division of PLC Day -- A wonderful holiday where citizens are encouraged to spend their credits towards stocking up on the various FunFood products. This encouragement comes from the aggressive ad-campaign where posters are in every hall and cubicle, jingles are played non-stop in the barracks, and emergency services suggest purchasing FunFoods before dealing with the caller's crisis. The most popular ad-campaign so far was the one in which the treason records of ACTUAL citizens were displayed, showing their treason committed and punishments, and then ending with "Not buying FunFoods today: Probably Treason".
Each service firm should have its own display day. Or maybe theres just one big Alpha Complex display day and the service groups fight over who runs the show. Like the British armed forces and the Royal Tornemant!
Wow, there are so many possibilities for scenarios envolving these holidays. I'm not kidding. They could be fronts for all different sorts of Secret Societies. Some may even be Treasonous (no!) holidays not sactioned by the Computer. Think about the poor Troubleshooters caught up in a mission, getting caught up in a Secret Society mission because of the holiday, getting caught up in the holiday because they just wanna have fun! And the debriefing? Once they stop grinning, I suppose it will be a "normal" debriefing.

Yeah, the possibilities are endless.
Volunteer a Friend Day -- Originally "Volunteer Day", this day was renamed last year due to low participation. In short, Friend Computer keeps a job jar of bonus activities, most of which are benign (e.g., "hand out smiley Computer button during mid-meal"). Volunteers are assigned a random task from the job jar.

Unfortunately Friend Computer wasn't quite prepared for the increased interest this year. While "Volunteer Day" has a .07% participation rate. "Volunteer a Friend Day" has a 112% participation rate, (apparently some Citizens have been volunteered more than once and The Computer's program doesn't limit the number of volunteer tasks a clone can receive. The most avid volunteer, Fawd-R, was apparently volunteered 10,792 times in one 3 minute timespan.)

Unfortunately, Friend Computer hadn't anticipated the heightened interest and hadn't prepared enough tasks. The Computer is in a bind. Too many loyal volunteers with not enough assignments to go around. Fortunately Friend Computer can always turn to it's most reliable citizens the Ultraviolets.

In the last 12 hours, the Ultraviolets have come up with thousands of bonus assignments. Some of these are specific ("Say 'I love Friend Computer' to the next citizen you meet"). Some are very specific ("Say 'I love Friend Computer' to Catch-U-NOW-4"). Other assignments are a little more vague ("Eliminate all threats to Alpha Complex ushering in an era of unsurpassed peace and harmony").

But before your players get too stressed over being unable to complete their "volunteer" tasks, assure them that Friend Computer in no way will hold them responsible for their failure to complete an assignment which they (were) volunteered for.
But before your players get too stressed over being unable to complete their "volunteer" tasks, assure them that Friend Computer in no way will hold them responsible for their failure to complete an assignment which they (were) volunteered for.

Yeah, sure you won't be.

I think Volunteer a Friend Day has got to be the winner, if this were a contest (It is you say?).

This is the one I will most likely use. Except if I play with my kids, I will substitute my chore jar. Give Daddy a Break Day. Har!
(Both Mike-U-BCE-5 and Mike-U-BCE-6 are in the PXP rulebook, which gave me an idea for this holiday)

Mike-U-BCE Apperication Day, Mike-U-BCE Hate Day:

Both Apperication Day and Hate Day occurs on the decantion date of the two traitors (revised and edited due to new information concering dates). Since in the old AC, six-pack clones were decanted all at once, both hoildays are on the same day.

Mike-U-BCE-5 is considered a very terrible traitor, who fled Outdoors to assist the Commies in taking down AC. This horrible traitor is so bad, Friend Computer decides to use him as an example of what not to do, hence "Mike-U-BCE Hate Day". Similar to the 5-Minute Hate in 1984.

Mike-U-BCE-6 is considered a loyal citizen, who fought with his clone brother. In the current "offical" history, Mike-U-BCE-6 died in the line of duty, taking Mike-U-BCE-5 with him. Mike-U is known for offically founding the Troubleshooting teams that we know of today, to help counter Mike-U's threats. Because of this, Friend Computer honors this man by having Mike-U-BCE-6 Apperication Day. Think of it as the May Day parades, with missles parading, Troubleshooters singing, etc.

So, two hoildays on the same day. A day of hate, and a day of love. Don't get the hero and the traitor confused.
Thanks Gimme Day
Derived from an Old reckoning holiday, Thanks Gimme day is a day of feasting and celebration set aside to thank the Computer for everthing it has done for the citizens of Alpha Complex. Expressing thanks is optional, though failure to do so is treason.

As part of the celebration, citizens dressed as commies, secret society members, mutants, and touble shooters roam the corridoors with sacks, asking for handouts and gifts. (popular items include cans of b3, fun foods, pamplets, tracking devices, high explosives, and assorted small easily concealible objects). Incidents of accidental terminations are within acceptable marigins. In addition to the feasting and free stuff, many sectors also hold parades, funball games, and organised spontanious displays of appriciation.

Though it has it's origins in Old Reckoning tradition, the modern incarnation of the holiday is the result of the efforts of a group of romantics whose ideas were later co-opted by Intsec. Initially an attempt at reviving yet another bit of the past, and l;ater an attempt to root out traitors, the holiday has since taken on a life of it's own. Rumors of Secret societies using the Thanks Gimme day to act openly are completely false.

Talk-Like-a-Commie Day

Talk-like-a-commie day(TLACD) is beleived to be the result of either a malicious prank, or a suspected communist agent fast talking his way out of getting shot. The holiday quickly spread, leading to an increase of executions and promotions throughout Alpha complex.
TLACD seems to have no set date, and often occurs several times during the year. THe date is never announced, and sectors often celebate the holiday on differant days.