Has Mongoose Decided if Legend Will be Released under the ORC license?


Banded Mongoose
In the previous OGL thread, when asked if Legend would be released using the ORC license, Matt responded:

It is something we will be looking at.

Now that the final wording of the license has been released, has a decision been made on whether or not Mongoose will release Legend under the ORC license or is it sill being considered, but no decision made?
To be honest, the ORC license is a bit complex but seems a natural successor to the OGL. I'll be happy if Traveller goes down this route - I've been tinkering with the system a lot recently.
We want to get Traveller straight first - after that, we will look at Legend but, at first glance, I cannot see a reason not to. Let Traveller do the trailblazing and Legend will follow!
I saw that you decided to drop using the ORC license for Traveller. Does that mean that Legend won't be released under the ORC?
Ducks still waddling, a fair few things scattering them at the moment (the metaphor may be getting laboured...).
You quack me up!

But seriously, there are some interesting synergies developing in the d100 arena at the moment.

Newt Newport released the latest version of OpenQuest under Creative Commons.

Chaosium released the latest edition of Basic Roleplaying under the ORC license.

Design Mechanism has released Mythras Imperative and Classic Fantasy Imperative under the ORC license.

Legend and Renaissance are the last major d100 variants still using the OGL..

Personally, I like what EN Publishing did with their Advanced 5e variant - they implemented a dual licensing scheme where people could continue to use the OGL, or switch to ORC / Creative Commons...