Has anyone run Black stones of Kovag re


That is the Sons of Cimmeria Module, now available on RPG Now. I read it tonight and seems like it would be pretty fun. I was just wondering how others campaigns turned out and if any tweaking was needed dependent on party type. In addition, I was wondering if anyone highlights certain parts so you know what things should be conveyed to group as I am having a bit of trouble with that, perhaps I need to read it again. But for example do you usually give the description of thecharacters in the back when the group talks to townfolks and such?

I ran it this past Saturday. It went quite well, we all had a good time. The only moments where there was tension, were:

1- the bar fight with Ionovicus (sp), unless you have a character who is very specialized in unarmed combat, or mid level +(my group was level 2), Ionovicus is likely to make short work of his opponent. Fortunately, the thief with the questionable morals was quick to sneak attack the brute once the brawling PC dropped.

2- my group has played D&D for over 20 years, and it's been a struggle to make them understand that Conan RPG is not D&D, (they tend to refuse to flee) so once the battle at the bowl began, I had a dificult time convincing the party to flee into the tunnel, resulting in the thief and scholar being mowed down by missile fire. (they learned their lesson, you can bet your ass they're going to be running and screaming like little girls next time). The remaining character fled quickly into the tunnels. After watching his friends go down, it didn't take him long to run away once the stones came alive. He and Bogdan manage to cause a cave-in which stopped the stones.

Other than these two instances, the rest of the adventure went pretty much according to plan, except that Oleska fled back to Arenjun in the end. Now the party has decided to return to the Maul, and come up with a plan for sneaking into Oleska's Palace and killing him.

One other thing, we discovered that armor is wonderful thing. Just asked the noble, who barely had a scratch while the rest of the party was damn near chopped to bits or pincushioned.

I have to agree with your comment about armor.

I think it's unfortunate that this is the case as I feel it goes aginst the flavor that I expected in a Conan game.

I'm not sure if there are any house rules which have been tried to fix this.

I really expected a more Swashbuckeling game with lightly armored PCs.

I disagree. The Conan Mythos has it's share of armor wearing folks and it's proven in the stories to be a difference maker. I think the key is that armor is something that may be an asset or a liability. Can you effectively slog through the muck ranging after Picts in heavy armor?? Can you stay cool enough in the hot Turan sun in metal armor? Should you be wearing heavy armor while climbing the ratlines on the Viyalet Sea??

Make the setting a difference maker. Also, remember to damage the armor and make it difficult for them to find new/better/fitting armor. There are ways to handle this in game.
I had a concern from reading it that once the stones animated, I would think the guards would flee, allowing the rogues and PCs to flee, and then not much would come of the stones - potentially anticlimactic. Further, given the difficulty of the guards to enter the chamber (1 on 3 situation), it wouldn't be likely that there would be a wild melee in the chamber, as opposed to the situation I described.
What happened with my group is that Bogdan and what was left of his men made it into the tunnels while the PC's stayed outside to fight. By the time the remaining PC ran into the tunnels, already about a 10 of Oleska's men had ran ahead of him, most of the guards were in the chamber proper so when the stone was hit, all hell broke loose. Everyone tried to flee and the noble (the PC) was the closest to the entrance he was almost trampled.

Thanks for the feedback, I am going to run it tomorrow night. DO you think 3rd level is too high for the adventure?

My concern was also the animated stones and whether or not my group would flee. Also how I would describe the characters being hammered by the stones to give the feeling that fleeing is the only alternative here.

My other question for you was as you prepare for the adventure, do you find yourself highlighting specific areas of the module so it jumps out at you? Also how much of the characters background and bio do you disclose to the group as in the back they are well done, but unless they ask someone, I guess that info would be kept out? Your thoughts.

Thanks again,

I don't think 3rd level is to high for the most part, although they may do too good against Oleska's men at the end if they have a large party.

I think once they take a swing or two against the stones they'll realize they don't have much of a chance to harm the stones. Also, try to instill a sense of panic within them, everyone who succeeds the terror check will be off to the races trying to get out of the tunnels as quickly as possible. Make sure you describe how the stones completely crush the mooks who failed their terror checks with ease, and in a gruesome manner.

Because none of my PC's were from Arenjun, they didn't get much info on the NPCs. They had to gather info in town to try and get anything on their own. Lets just say I didn't give anything away for free. I puposely made them miss the tracks, so they'd end up in the unnamed village, I was very much looking forward to their meeting with Ionovicus.

Besides that I didn't really highlight any specific part, however I did read over the module several times, particularly the day of the session so it was fresh in my mind.

Thanks for the feedback, Not sure If I'll have enough players tonight, so I may need to delay, but It will just give me more time to prepare.