Hail Drakkarim

Ok, this thread is dedicated to our beautiful fiendish mates, the almighty drakkarim
first thing I would like to bring up about them:
what do they call themselves? Drakkarim? thats a darkling word though because -im as plural is a darkling rule... I know the giaks call themselves the shegodim, so surely the Drakkarim have a name for themselves?
Drakkarim always sounded plural to me (with Drakkar being singular). But then isn't darkkar (or drakkr) Old Norse for Dragon? (Or something very close to it).
yes drakkar is single and drakkarim plural, but my point is that accordinf to how to speak giak (found in the magnamund companion) -im is a plural suffix in the giak language, why dont the drakkarim have their own language?? theyre the coolest, and the universal balance's answer to the shianti i might add, i personally feel the drakkarim are a very neglected race (in terms of author's attention not by lord naar :p )
yes drake, draco, dragon, drakkar all sounds the same doesnt it?
btw does anyone know much of the drakkar god? is it naar wearing a mask? (sorry, i read WAY too much pratchett)