GURPS Lone Wolf


I already talked about it here and there, I started converting Lone Wolf to GURPS.

This is not an easy task, I'm just at the beginning of it (and it will be a slow conversion, because of time constraints). I used Basic Set: Characters and Powers.

Here is the beginning for your perusal. Is there anyone interested in more information? I would happily accept any kind of help.

For moderators: if this is off-limit chart-wise, please notify me and I'll delete the conversion themselves (but not the announcement).


I expected it to be tough, and tough it is.

So here the conversion so far. It is just a very beginning.
  • I only started converting Kai Lord, not the other classes (somes notes are available, though—for now, everything is mixed up. Once I’ll have more material, I’ll relocate ideas on the proper classes).
  • Apart for generic stuff, I only started converting Kai Disciplines, not Magnakai ones.
  • I only worked on the Animal Kinship Discipline and that is already hard to do.
I will definitely need some help. I did not use Powers yet. A maybe-useful link: D&D 3.5 to GURPS 4th Edition Conversion.

Attributes and Characteristics
ST 10
DX 10
IQ 10
HT 10
High ST would make sense for the more combatants or Lords, high DX for the rangers-type, high IQ might make sense for the psychics and high HT would make sense for the healer type (resist diseases…). Still, this is not part of the template, just a guideline.
Secondary characteristics
  • Dmg: Weapon* Disciplines shall increase it. At highest level, extra punching damages (accessibility: bare-handed only) would make sense. We’ll see later
  • Will: something to consider very seriously, except if we go to mana rules instead
  • Per and Basic speed and move: Hunt* Disciplines shall increase it
  • Fatigue: any reason to use it for magic?
  • Build: Very Fat shall not be allowed. Overweight and particularly Fat shall require justification
  • Build: OK
  • Age: Child shall not be allowed out of time of crisis (like for Silent Wolf :) ). An elder is OK
  • Appearance: OK
  • TL: TL 4. Masbaté and Telchos shall have a Lower TL (TL 1?), while Bor Gunner shall have a Higher TL (TL 4) and late-gamebook Darklands shall have TL 5
  • Culture: Camouflage and Tracking shall give some levels of Cultural Familiarity. Maybe Shadaki Bucanneers should have Cultural Familiarity as well, I dunno.
  • Language: See Culture. Telchos and Masbaté may as well not have Writing
  • Wealth: Kai are poor (much like Dai Blackthorn, the example character)
  • Importance: no status or reputation. Religious rank will come with ranks as a Kai lord (10 for Supreme Grand Master). Kai lords as a whole enjoy Social Regard, with the same value as the Green Dragon (under Reputation).
  • Kai lords will have weak or temporary identities according to their missions (0-point feature).
Self-imposed disadvantages
  • Code of Honour, soldier (-10). Bucanneers shall have Pirate (-5) while Knight of the White Mountain (and Sommlending Knight of the Realm too?) shall have Chivalric (-15)
  • Honesty
  • Sense of Duty (Sommlendings -10)
  • Vow, major (no more than horse can carry or may fit in a monastery cell -10)
  • Duty (Extremely Hazardous, almost all the time -20). This one seemed to much, but the commando example (p.134) in Basic Set: Characters say they are not necessarily constantly fighting. This is not “self-imposed”, I know.
Skills that make sense
I discarded the class skill idea. There is no discount, they just make sense (this is only for Kai lords, not for other classes). The original D20 is in parentheses.
  • Acrobatics (Acrobatics)
  • Animal Handling (Handle Animal)
  • Autohypnosis or Mental Strenght, which one? (Concentration)
  • Climbing (Climb)
  • something (Craft)
  • Disguise/TL4 (Disguise)
  • Escape (Escape Artist)
  • Fast-Talk (Bluff)
  • First Aid (and maybe more for Medics)
  • Jumping, Running, Swimming (Athletics)—a Talent: Sports would make sense too
  • Psychology (Sense Motive)
  • Riding/Horse (Ride)
  • Stealth (Stealth)
  • Survival (Survival)
Each tier requires the previous one. We must find a way to prevent someone to improve some tier independantly of other (the RPG progression is Discipline 1= Tier V, Discipline II = Tier IV, Discipline III = Tier III and so on). The “level” aspect of Lone Wolf is quite important, as the world of Lone Wolf was modeled after oD&D.
Animal Kinship
Suggested extra (i.e. must be bought separately): Talent: Animal Friend
  1. Untamed Heart: Mind Control (Emotion Control, Peacefulness -60% see note; Specialized, Animal only -25%) [8].
  2. Voice of the Forest: Beast Tamer spell-like ability.
  3. Primal Echo: Animal Empathy advantage.
  4. Beast Speech: Speak with Animals advantage (Specialized, broad category -40%, Alien/unnatural/mythical beast don’t count -20%) [10]
  5. Aspect of the Untamed: Speak with Animals advantage. I removed the either condition from the RPG, making it more powerful and simpler.
* Emotion Control, Peacefulness -60% is a house-ruled addition. I added -10% to Emotion Control to force it to one emotion only.