Grey Star / Elder Magi question



I have only read the first Grey Star book, so I am familiar with the basic elder arts. I was just wondering if there were higher arts revealed in the later three books and if so, what they were. Thanks in adance!
I don't think they have released War Of The Wizards yet which is the one that containes the info you are after. :(

That said they seem to be releasing stuff at a respectable rate so I wouldn't think it would be too long.
I should really sign up and register with the boards - but alas I'm too lazy!! Anyhow for all you folk who wish to know what the Higher Magicks of the Shianti are - well it looks like its your lucky day! Since I own the books in the Greystar Series and books 1-22 in the Lone Wolf series - one of the fortunate few it looks like who purchased the books when they were released when I was a wee lad years back.

Anyhow - enough blabbering - here are the Higher Magicks as stated in 'War of the Wizards':


This Higher Magick is an advanced form of Sorcery, the craft of magical energy. Where Sorcery allows a wizard to affect external things, Thamaturgy affects the wizard himself. The power of Thamaturgy can bestow upon a wizard the power of levitation, a limited form of flying; invulnerability and increased strength; the ability to bend metal or warp wood by disturbing their molecules; and perhaps the most useful of all, teleportation, that is, the ability to travel great distances in seconds by simply visualizing the destination.


An advanced form of Enchantment, Telergy is the power of mind control, telepathy and auto-suggestion. It enhances the tangibility of the illusions of Enchantment and allows you to control the minds of others. However, like Enchantment, some magical beings will be able to resist this power.


Where Elementalism allows a wizard to summon the aid of the elemental spirits, the higher magick of Physiurgy grants the wizard mastery over the elements. It allows him to command winds, open cracks in the earth, cause earthquakes, raise storms and create other weather effects.


Theurgy isan advanced form of Alchemy. Possession of the Moonstone of Shianti makes the casting of a larger number of spells possible. It unlocks the knowledge of more ingredients for mixing potions and reveals some of the special times, or ways, that they must be mixed. The power of the Moonstone acts as a charm for these potions. No WILLPOWER points are required to makes use of the power of Theurgy but you are dependant on discovering the necessary ingredients for your potions during the course of your adventure.


With the aid of the Moonstone, you may use the skill of a Visionary to look upon the events that are taking place elsewhere. The power of a visionary is generally concerned with the visual images of the present.


Necromancy is a higher form of Evocation. Where Evocation allows contact with the spirit world, Necromancy allows a wizard to summon the dead, though this is forbidden by Shianti Law. It also allows him to make an incantation that will imbue the Moonstone with a protective aura of light to keep away all creatures of evil, dead or alive.

Copyright 1986 Joe Dever and Ian Page.

And thats about it. Six Higher Magicks in all. As well as the Seven lesser Magicks you already know about. Hope this helps! :)