Grand Tour of the Imperium


Banded Mongoose
It is mentioned in the Core Rule Book but what has happened to the Grand Tour of the Imperium? I am not sure whether it sounds the kind of thing I would buy as it sounds, from the Core Rulebook speil, like its going to be a few disjointed unconnected historical trips rather than one large campaign. But I would love to see a large single multi-year tour going around the whole Imperium as one campaign visiting loads of historical worlds, getting caught up in many incidents along the way - just like Star trek in fact. Especially if it provided for referee custom generation of worlds to be used and featured flora and fauna and maps etc to be used. This could be superb. But no mention of it in the release schedule?

And joined to this in a way is the fact that I feel the biggest thing that is missing from Traveller now has always been detailed custom world/star system generation, animal generation, and encounter generation to go with them. Classic Traveller had Animal Encounters and Scouts which fleshed out a lot of this stuff but we havent seen the like since(well to any real degree). This Tour book could link in with a separate design book detailing all this custom detailing if done right I think. There are too many linear scenarios around and not enough to help referees generate their own worlds and flesh them out how they want to do it. And I dont mean just with boring things like politics and cultures, I mean with terrain, features, animals, cities, towns, starports, bars, etc. Would be great to see a book providing help for all of this design. At the moment there is nothing. Well there is Zoser's Solo book on the way which may help cover some of this stuff but nothing planned from Mongoose.
This is still on the cards, but we have a lot of other things on the pate at the moment - something for the (not so far) future!