GM Screen


Hi guys

Has anyone made up GM sheets that I stick to my old Babylon Project GM screen in the absence of an official screen from Mongoose?

Gearing up for my first game. So excited !!!


I think petitbilbo did some sheets for a GM screen a while back. I'm sure he'll e-mail you them if you PM him and ask nicely. If he doesn't, tell him his Anger of the Righteous GM will be very unhappy :twisted:

If someone wants to pull up the info that needs to be on the screen, I can probably find the time to put it together in a pdf file.

Hello there !

As I'm receiving quite a lot of requests, I decided to put the GM screen on a public (my LARP-club's) website for download.

If you want the *.PDF-version (4.08 MB), just click here :

If you own M$ Publisher, you can also download the original file (that you can than modify as you wish) (7.78 MB) here :

Now comes the legal part :
This document contains scanned parts I took from the fact book and from the core rulebook, along with pictures I downloaded from at least a dozen different websites.

I created it originally for my own use!
This document is certainly not meant to infringe on any copyrights and should only be used by people who currently own the two books mentionned before.

Should I be asked by any copyright holder to do so, I'll cut the link to this document immediately.
In the meantime, I hope you find it usefull and enjoy it !

If you have any constructive critics and/or suggestions for enhancements, please do not hesitate to leave a message...


PetitBilbo from Brussels