Meson Screen confusion


Banded Mongoose
I've posted this in another thread and brought it up in the chat we had on the 2nd, but I still haven't seen a definitive answer to my question. I believe the confusion can be removed by deleting the ' x 10' from the text of the Meson Screen, a victim of copy & paste from the previous edition. So, if I am correct, to use a meson screen (and nuclear damper), you would make a damage roll on a successful attack (say 5D for a small bay giving us a median of ~18) then subtract the 2D roll multiplied by the effect (so a median of 7 for effect 1, 14 for effect 2, etc.) and NOT multiply that value by 10 (as the existing text indicates). Finally, take that value and multiply it by the Damage Multiple of the bay (10 in this case since it's a small bay).

After a hit is scored, roll damage, subtracting armour and other countermeasures from the total.

Using a screen, a gunner can attempt to deflect or reduce damage from incoming attacks. The gunner must succeed at a Gunner (screen) check against an attack and, if successful, reduces the damage of the attack – after armour has been accounted for – by the number of dice rolled by the screen (as noted in its description), multiplied by the Effect of the gunner’s check.

A successful use of a meson screen reduces the damage of a meson weapon by 2D x 10 and removes its Radiation trait.



Emperor Mongoose
Bay meson weapons should be pretty useless against a meson screen. The rule as it exists works fine if trying to emulate LBB:5 combat results.
A meson bay 9 (100t TL15) requires a 12 on 2d to penetrate the factor 1 screen and cause damage.


Banded Mongoose
Don’t forget that if you *fail* the angle screens roll, all the damage gets through. Horseshoes and hand grenades…