Glorantha - Ralios PDF released


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Hi guys,

The Ralios primer has just been released at Drivethru - you can see it at ;

This is a large expansion to the forthcoming Glorantha sourcebook that introduces to the infamous region, as it appears in the Second Age.

Over to Ian Belcher, our Publishing Manager;

Once home to the grim and mysterious Stygian Empire, Ralios is now a possession of the God Learner Empire. For many years it was ruled by dukes who, as vassals of the Emperor, owed revenues and soldiers to the imperial treasury. The region still reels from a war waged by the Emperor against his dukes and viscounts, who he accused of rebellion. Now imperial functionaries administer the area directly, fuelling local resentment.

Though the God Learners lay claim to all of Ralios, large portions of it remain ungovernable. Outlaws and troublemakers able to defend their own rights of person and property can always make a life for themselves in these places, no matter how out of favour they might be with the putative authorities.

Apart from the city-states of Safelster, detailed in Glorantha – The Second Age, Ralios contains a tremendous variety of nations, wildlands and conflicts.This product expands the core campaign setting beyond Safelster and into the remainder of Ralios’ lands, notably the Eastern Wilds (including Saug, Delela and Corolaland) and Vesmonstran (including Ballid, Telmoria, Guhan and Ormsland).
Unlikely, though it may get compiled into another book at a later stage. No solid plans for this as yet.

Can you give some informations about the number of pages ? illustrations ?...others ?

thanks you for your time

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It is full color with maps, and 41 pagese lang. I have just done a skim through it, not having time ro read it yet.

I've bought the pdf and skimmed it - looks good so far.

What year is it set in?

I can't seem to find that information.

Any chance we could see the Glorantha book posted as a PDF this week as well. It'd make the Ralios section much more useful! Since the main Glorantha book has been delayed it'd be a real treat to see it released as a PDF now.

Yowsa from me to Matt & co for getting this little puppy out.

And if I may be so bold as to make a suggestion? I hope it's not just a one-off to appease us while the main release has been delayed. This is truly excellent stuff and a FANTASTIC idea - let's have a few more!
Looks very nice.

What would be nice would be a map pack pdf of all the small maps within this book and the other books that come out. A nice A4 size.

I love looking at maps for games, they always seem to spark ideas for scenarios. Also looks good putting them infront of players so that they can get an idea where they might want to go to and get a sense of where they are.
Love the Ralios PDF. The art is great. I loved the pictures of the Black Saint and the non-human races.

I was surprised to see Swamp-thing as ruler of the elves. :wink:
Second Age Ralios is very nice indeed.

This is the kind of thing we need for Glorantha (Second Age and Third Age - Moon Design take note!). Cheap (£2.65) little PDFs with a lot of information.

I liked it a lot.
Just got my hands on the Ralios PDF.

This is really very good indeed. At first glance (I'll be reading in depth shortly... :D ) this is a, rules-free background book which should suit anyone playing any version of RQ1-4 or HeroQuest, Third Age, Second Age, or whatever. It's got oodles of nice info, which I'll be happily pillaging for ideas for my Third Age games.

Looking at the maps, especially the "Clans of Lankst", I got a good feeling that the info here could be excellent homeland background & campaign startups for new RQ games - sort of a Second Age version of Sartar, etc.

Anyone care to have a stab at an Apple Lane type scenario for the Second Age? :)

Excellent job, Mongoose. If you can keep producing stuff like this, you're onto a winner!


Agreed. Robin Laws is a very good writer IMHO. Dont normally like getting my game stuff via PDF , but given the very reasonable price can live with it.

Would echo the request for A4 size maps, they are great , but too small.
Pleasantly surprised by this. I'd like bigger maps to be available as well, but if that's the standard of the rest of the Glorantha stuff then I'll be delighted.

I haven't read it all yet, but I must say I'm impressed with this product. The presentation is of high quality, and the material is excellent. The rules-free approach let's each of us use his/her own favorite system for the actual gaming.

More please :)
This is fanastic!

It has given me confidence for the rest of the line.

Can we have more like this please? :D