Glorantha Cover


I can´t find the thread in the forum any more...

Someone asked what creatutre is pictured on the Glorantha book is.
It was suggested that it is a troll, drawn by someone who doesn´t knows how gloranthan trolls look like.

MY suggestion is that it is a boar broo (look at the left side of the cover where more goat broo are waiting).

The adventurer seems to fight their leader (or their berserk war machine?).


Osentalka said:
MY suggestion is that it is a boar broo
Very plausible, although possibly a questionable decision by the art director not to put a more recognizable Gloranthan figure (IIRC, there is a pretty recognizable broo on the cover to the AH SPH).

Let's hope the sourcebook itself explains who's on the cover -- maybe it is indeed the Second Age equivalent of Ralzakark.

Since the creature-in-question is also used as the GM Screen (blown up), it would make sense for it to be a legendary foe...