Giaks slayers guide


Ok we got the Slayers guides, a very in my oppinion popular brand of books. I certainly have most and will be getting all.

Now if we can have one on Goblins then could we not have one on Giaks? I mean I remember the Magnamund companion having a Giaks Bone, skin and even eye structures in it. Now the Giaks as a race will have there own culture almost I imagine it to be barbaric/ Nomadic due to the Darkland invironment, with the Giaks could enclude the Gorgaz maybe and as we on Lone wolf critters could do a slayers guide to Dark spawn in which you would have Vordaks Helghast, dark spawn. yes yes there is a monster book for Lone wolf but then there is to every game world the slayers guides offer variants, the beasts as characters maybe so would have the templates in.

Just a thought