Ghosts of Omelos in S&P 36 - Thanks Bryan!



I just saw Bryan Steele's article for the Ghosts of Omelos - those reborn Dilgar we had a chat about during the B5 Open Day - and I just want to say thanks for bringing the Ghosts back to life on the tabletop!

(I have even less excuses for not getting around to trying my hand at some Ghosts fiction now...)

What do you guys make of the list?

I like the list. The idea is interesting, and seems to be something that the Dilgar might would actually do.

I think I might try to get my group to allow me to use the list in our campaign. If not, then I'll just try to play a couple of games with it.
It sure is very colorful.

And finally a Raiders list that might actually work ^^, at not giving the raider player an immediate ass-whoopin'

Especially the raid lvl ship with 4 turreted banks of 6AD Pulsar each..........
Well, according to the fluff from Merchants, Traders and Raiders, the Ghosts are alive and kicking... the crap out of uncouth inferior races!

It'll be very interesting to see what the Ghosts make of some of the developments described in the Drakh RPG book as occurring in their neck of the galactic woods...

lastbesthope said:
Remember Voronesh, the Raider fleet was always intended as an underdog fleet.


yeah I know, but then again the Battle Wagon is quite a good ship......
Only the rest of the list sucks.