Fusliers. Calling Mek Construction Company's.

Good Afternoon,
This Wireless Message is being sent out En-mass to Assure the best possible response. The purpose of this message ? Mek Construction, To Suit our new need's we have set up a budget of 80million for a Quad (four legged Mek) Mek, to fulfil a particular role, Long Range Firepower, No indirect Fire required. For the company with the winning Mek Design we will be purchasing up to 8 of the aforementioned Mek's.

Weapon requirement's : Long Range, No Indirect Fire
Various other Equipment load out's will be left up to the Discretion of those who accept this call.

We Thank you for your time and await a response.
(posted in Character)
Help with the design mainly. Im good with a general all round take some Hurt type of mek, But Wouldnt mind seeing something other then a *me* mek design. (I tend to go ape on Missile's + Railgun's.) + It would be nice to add a New Mek Design to my growing list (Building a web site at the moment. To add various bit's of information /designs, campaigns in play + finished or dropped campaigns, house rules + more...and If I could draw anything I would add a mek pic or two/.