Fumbles in combat



I don;t have the rules to hand, but what's the current situation with fumbles in combat? More importantly fumbles don't seem to be taken into account in the Dodge and Parry tables?

I may be missing something here, so please put me straight! :D

The Skills chapter says a fumbled weapom skill could indicate a broken bow string for a bow or a dropped weapon for a melee weapon. I don't think fumbles are mentioned in the combat chapter per se, but I could be wrong.

Someone has posted there are critical and fumble charts in the Companion.
I would have assumed fumbles should have been in the Dodge/Parry tables as an outcome.

For example, a successful attack then a fumbled Dodge/Parry- surely a significant benefit to the attacker?

I think it's agreed that failed/fumbled attacks don't need to be reacted to, but a fumble should give a benefit to the defender (+% to next attack, for example).


I suspect the minimal fumble rules in the core rules are just a placeholder of sorts for the more advanced fumbles in the companion.

It would have been nice if they had included them in the tables. I guess the result is just a failure, plus a dropped weapon, or some such at GM's discretion.
I hope so - they seem a bit under-represented in the combat section at present.

I eagerly await the Companion! :D

Someone else said that fumble and critical tables are in the Companion.

I Agee with Zoetrope, it would have made a lot of sense to put those on the combat matrix. Something like a fumbled dodge turning a normal hit into a ctical seems about right to me.
I was playing around with an alternative set of tables to include fumbles. I also like the idea of the player deciding if they want to react BEFORE the attacker rolls.

After all, if someone was swinging a sword at you, you wouldn't wait to see if it hit before reacting, would you? :roll: