Frustrated with RPGNow...


...because with their recent outages you can't buy the latest Seraphim Guard "plain wrap" supplement for RuneQuest?

Never fear, the Guard is here! :roll: :)

We've just installed a CubeCart e-commerce system so you can buy all our stuff directly from Seraphim Guard. Just go to the Seraphim Guard website (that's if you can't be bothered to look at my .sig, heh), navigate to the product you're interested in, and click the "Seraphim Guard online store" link. That'll take you to the specific page for the product you're looking at, just waiting to be added to your shopping cart.

Or, alternately, you can go direct to the Seraphim Guard online store by clicking to -- but if you want information on any of the products, you'll be referred back to the main site.

Currently we accept payments by PayPal. A little caveat, however: dealing with the PayPal IPN, PDT, and Auto Return is a challenge to say the least. Timing is a huge issue, so sometimes an order will process but PayPal never gets the chance to tell us it did. Thus, please check your order history for a download link before reporting a problem.

Whew. What a day.