Formorians-Sea Devils of Lochlann

So what happened to this little diamond in the rough? It was mentioned in the Main Rule book but then has not been completed? Is this in the works or what is going? I love the product but I just find it kinda incomplete without this book even though it is mentioned.

I know there is a article in the new Signs and Portents but I really feel a sourcebook as mentioned in the Core book should be completed. Would be a nice addition. :D
Yeah well maybe we can put together some extra info here that doesn't soo much touch on what has been written in S&P so as to not infringe on what was written in the publication?

Any memorable events from games out there or how you used the Formorians if at all in your campaigns?
have used them lots and have some stuff both ready and semi-ready but waiting for the piece in the mag as dont want too repeat anything put on there same with midguard :evil: