Flora of Magnamund



I've just been trying to put together a core components listing for the magician of Dessi alchemy skill - Basically a list of herbs/ berries/ oils that can be used as the base for the different magical potions, as well as common locations, and difficulty scores for finding them.
Other than a couple of herbs (alether and laumspur being the main two) there isn't a great deal in the original gamebooks to give clues.
Is the Magic of Magnamund going to have a section on magical components, including "magical" flora and where to find them?
Unfortunately, I can't answer your question... but I can assure you that I'm very interested in your work! :wink:

Let me know if you produce something!
Still early stages, and how much I put into it will depend on whether I get a reply from one of the Mongoose team saying that it is already covered in the upcoming Magic of Magnamund book, or not.
If I get a definite answer, I'll then decide whether to put together something for publication.
Patience, young one. We do have a lot to do outside of monitoring the list, you know... :)

There are a few more herbs and formulas in the Magic of Magnamund book (out soon!) but not so much that a concerted fan effort would be invalidated thereby.

So have fun and I'll look forward to seeing your work!

-August (Shadow Raven)
My wife would laugh at me being called young..

Sounds like I should get to work putting something together, then revise and publish just after MoM comes out (which I already have on pre-order).
Okay, I've completed a first draft and want some feedback. Only problem is that I don't have anywhere to publish it. Anyone got any ideas where I can distribute this?