Floor Plans


Any good advice on what web sites and/or books to get floor plans for modern commercial buildings. I'm thinking malls, wharehouses, sky scapers, Post offices, schools, Universities, factories, libraries, and so on and so forth. A nice big list of resources people use would be great...thanks

Malls seems simple enough... round my way the malls normally have maps available at information points. Just the sort of thing your wandering Jeremiah characters can come across crumpled up in someone's pocket, with a couple of unexplained X's scrawled on it.
www.rpgnow.com have loads of modern floor plans. Take a look at Modern Day Maps, Modern Dispatch and Modern Backdrops.
Several Dungeon magazines, back when they were combined with Polyhedron, had excellent modern maps of things like police stations, office buildings, fast food places, pawn shops, bars, bowling alleys and nightclubs. All done by Christopher West.

I think on the WotC site, under D20 modern, if you search the archives you might find some maps.