Fleet lists, and how the new guy looks at them


Welcome :D

Just to had a few things, think about campaigns and facing multiple opponents in the same turn. And then when facing a minbari/ shadow or any other high init fleet you might want to have a command ship even if it has less firepower ;-)
Some ships are usefull because they allow you to spare your dangerous or in trouble ships which might avoid you being attacked by the next player.

We just had a few weeks ago in our last turn our minbari player getting involved in 4 fights in the same turn (And .... 4 players ...).
The first battle was the "Big Battle" one with war ships and so on ...
So every other guy decided to attack him after that.
If he had spare at least a Sharlin or 2 he might have been involved in maybe only 1 fight.

Sometimes using your "best" ships (or iconic ones) is not the best thing to do.