Flatlined ship map & VTT module


(Kinda/sorta minor spoilers about Flatlined, possibly?)

Figured this might be of use to someone here. I'm prepping to finally run some Traveller games and will be using Foundry VTT to initially run Flatlined with pre-rolled characters to get myself & my players used to the mechanics of the system.

I kind of wanted to wow the players with the opening scene so I started from Seth Skorkowsky's maps (and a few modifications) and built them with some SF assets in DungeonDraft. Once I was satisfied with the basic look of the map I loaded it into Foundry and created a scene with dynamic emergency lighting and some audio from the BBC sound library. Finally, I packaged up the scene as a foundry module so anyone can use it.

I'm unable to attach the files here due to size and/or format, but the main map image is linked below and the Foundry module can be downloaded from https://gaming.drl2.com/map-and-scene-for-traveller-flatlined/, where there's also some info about the assets used in the map and a couple of quick videos of the Foundry scene to show how the map can be used.



Cosmic Mongoose
Looks cool!

My group is paranoid of the possibility of running into Reticulan Parasites (Alien franchise).
They were already on edge from the flatlined low-berthers, and I had one of the berth's glass cracked.
In the water, was a hand shaped thing with too many fingers and a tail, floating flat and not moving, other than drifting with the current. They were having NONE of it.
I had Anson exclaim, "Oh Cool!" and she went splashing down the hall towards it.
As she picked it up and put it towards her face, the fingers snapped around her head and the tail whipped around to coil around her neck.
They'd already found the gun on the bridge. They very nearly shot her. On initiative, she pulled it off and yelled at them about pointing guns at people.
Haven't you ever seen a Cosplay respirator?