First thoughts on Rulebook

Another couple of questions for anyone who has the knowledge, time and patience. Does the % in quotations at the beginning of the skill section on the npc descriptions refer to default skill levels for any relevant skills needed other than the ones listed? And, is there a reason some of the weapon skills have different SR values from each other for the same Broo? Are different weapon skill levels factored in, or do weapons modify the strike rank sometimes?
My interpretation of the SR in MRQ, from what we know, is that beyond the basic SR modifier, there will be no modification for weapon length etc.
So, I guess the different rulebook he used when he wrote the scenario had rules that included such additional modifiers.
Correct on all accounts.

1> The % in the () is the default setting for monsters and what not that might get placed in a strange, non-combat skill use.
2> Strike Ranks were going to be modified for weapon size, but that was removed it seems from the final product.
3> The character sheet looks to be the same one, but I expect to see a bunch of fancier fan-made ones on the web shortly now that the pdf is out. (That is a challenge for you artsy types!!!)