Fighter poll over at the FedCom BBS


I've posted a poll over at the FedCom BBS, asking what new Starline 2400 fighter miniatures people would be wanting when ACTA:SF adds fighters to the game.

Steve Cole said that there won't be Starline 2500 versions of the fighters, so what we have now plus whatever we can get enough support to have added to the product line will be it for awhile.

Currently available from ADB:
Fed F18 (which you can use for a Gorn G-18 as well)
Klingon Z-Y
Kzinti TAAS
Hydran Stinger
Romulan Gladiator I and II
Tholian Spider

I'm trying to gauge interest in some additional designs, with the goal of having at least one assault and one Superiority type fighter per major Empire.

So if you have any interest in buying fighter miniatures in the future, would you please go over and vote? Please vote for the fighter you want the most, and if you have any other choices you'd be interested in seeing made (and buying), please post and mention them as well. Thanks.

***If you have any problems registering for the BBS, please contact Jean Sexton and she can manually activate your account, as some folk are not receiving the confirmation email ***