favourite slaine clan

which tribe is the best?

  • shadows

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  • sessair

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  • finians

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  • fir

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  • Gaesatae

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Finians... because I made them... unless they wanted to be a warped warrior, then they could be sessair (provided they accepted being a mercenary)...

Actually for those thinking of slaine, tribes are like races, and theres a good twenty or so in the Tir Na Nog suppliment (along with new classes)
must amit it was a close thing but the sessair won it for there attitude :twisted: wanted too know which of the main earth goddess tribes were used and liked so didnt add the others :shock:
The tribe that stands up! We'll its the clan of most of the characters from the Series...

Though I do think the Falians are much cooler... Those red branch boys are not to be messed with....
toothill man said:
thank you for your votes but who those who think the shadows rule please say why?
There's so much tragedy because of their curse.
I guess I like the challenge to play flawed characters.
You know, this poll was so difficult for me to answer, had there been an "All of them" option I would have jumped at it!

All the tribes have their own flava, but I voted for the Finians. They're the only tribe not mentioned in Slough Feg's dissertation on the tribes in that old B&W strip. When they were introduced in the "Horned God" saga they were still sketchily described but the dour Scottishness of them and the turnip references (sorry, Black Adder rules my brain) won me over. :D

I have to say that, considering how little of the non-Sessair tribes was revealed in the Slaine comics, Ian S. did a fantastic job establishing them all in the game. 8)
same here there was a lot of detail that needed adding and Ian did a grand job with what was known.come on guys get behind your favourite clan 8)
redlaco said:
I guess I like the challenge to play flawed characters.

Me too! :D

I think it's important that a character has something personal in their life they have to overcome, or even simply learn to live with. Back in my Star Trek gaming days I had a former-alcoholic Ops officer, an intelligence officer who was mildly insane after two years being tortured by aliens, a textbook command officer without any real experience, a pacifist Klingon, and a Vulcan female who was attracted to anything that moved...
The latter two weren't played with any seriousness in mind... :)