Fantasy Grounds for MG2E Traveller


Banded Mongoose
Our group has been using FGU and Zoom since the inception of this pandemic and it is so good that when we go back to in-person play we will continue to use it as our tabletop VTT.

It beats the pants off of all the other options out there right now.

The image in this post shows the spacecraft combat tracker and the party spacecraft ledger.

You can have as many ships as you like in your group and you can assign PCs to a crew position on each ship. Once assigned they can perform gunnery actions with a single click...

The FGU developer Colin/ MBM has done a really impressive job so far.

Only problem is Mongoose has to figure out how to provide free PDF copies of the content purchased in FGU so we don't have to double buy....


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Banded Mongoose
How greedy is Fantasy Grounds with screen real estate? I.e., if you are using a single monitor and have Fantasy Grounds up, can you see your fellow players' faces over Zoom at the same time?


Banded Mongoose
I have the little video bar at the top so it works out but yes it's can be a juggle, especially when you add in a full tabbed browser window to run travellermap etc