Expert Systems and Physical Skills


P.92 says that with Expert programs, "only Intelligence and Education-based checks can be attempted". However, p.93 says that "having a tool or weapon with the appropriate Expert program and an Intelligent Interface can give the character a +1 DM" - but almost all weapon skill-checks do not use Intelligence or Education but either Dexterity or Strength. Similarly, the sample custom gun on p.102 also uses an expert program to shoot (which is a Dexterity-based check). And, of course, robots use Expert programs as skills in any kind of a check.

How should this contradiction be resolved?

EDIT: Personally I'd ignore this limitation as long as the computer has direct access to machinery or other items that allow it to perform the specified physical action, e.g. having robotic arms (and other machines) for Trade skills or an automated turret (or gyro-stabilized gun) for gun skills.
You could assume that the computer has perfect control of its servos and so the accuracy of the shot for a computer/robot is based on its processing and calcuation ability - and hence Intelligence.

I can see a case for this in some shooting for puny humaaans where the gunis heavily braced and aimed like sniper shots or target shooting.
That restriction is pretty much how I dealt with it in playtest...

The computer on a weapon is not performing a physical task at all, but is providing tactical guidance to the user. It is doing a mental task, one that aids the physical task of the user.