Existing fighter question

Guys (don't have any gals do we?),

under SFoS if you put a flight of fighters on a capital ships base it will IMMEDIATELY attack and dogfight any fighter that tries to attack the capital ship it is escorting which is great.

Is the same true if the enemy fighters come to within 4" and do a all power to scanners. To me it is basically the same thing, fighters fly in and do hostile things against the ship you are escorting therefore you drive them off.

The precise wording of the rules implies this is not true though.


No. The only time the escorts intercept attacking fighters is when they attack the escorted ship. Fighters performing Scanners To Full shouldn't be attacked. They don't need to get that close anyway. The primary flight only needs to be 4" away and any flights joining in can be up to 6" away. Good to remember if you come up against the Minbari with their mini-beam fusion weapons.
Thanks guys, this is obviously one of those times the exact meaning of the rules is correct. No worries, I can live with that....