The Open Day was really useful and it was great to see RQ on sale. It is a solid hardback rulebook (thicker board than RQ3), clearly printed and a simplified rules system which is still Runequest. Well done guys.

I haven't yet been able to do a complete page-by-page, but I'll put what I find here as I come across it...
p20 - Opposed Tests - Both Characters Fail the lowest wins. So this means that a character with 80% in a skill who rolls an 81 loses to a character with 30% in a skill who rolls a 79.
>>>Is this really correct? Or is it the character who failed by the least? Discussion on broken math continuing
p33 - Close Combat Weapons table. War maul and hammer are out of sequence. Stats look ok, though.
p37ff - Long bow. Is normally single word in English as in "longbow"
>>>Typo? Or specific definition required?
p39 - Armour table. Total skill penalty for "Helmet" is stated as 4% which contradicts the text on p38.
>>>Should be 5%?
p39 - Armour table. AP, total skill penalty for leather hauberk appear to duplicate the Heavy leather but cost is only 150.
>>>Probably should be 1 AP, ENC 1, Cost ???, TSP -2%
p43 Potions table incorrectly labelled as "Crystals" archer
>>>Copy/paste error
p47/p50/p51 - Combat the Dodge and Parry tables and combat confusing, multiple rolls unsure, Reaction conditions not clear.
>>> Cleared up by MS. See
p61 - Combat Example "Fego" receives -7 hit points to his chest but dies instantly.
>>>p55 states he should get a Resilience test to die and another to stay conscious.
Para 4&5 - repeated/rephrased info???
p73 - Firearrow missing the Duration trait (probably Duration 1)
>>>Without this limitation, Firearrow becomes incredibly powerful - "Firearrow" factories operating round the clock and freely-available enchanted arrows comes to mind. See Multimissile.
p77 - Speedart is stated as being progressive but is missing the Progressive trait.
p77 - Speedart also appears to be missing a Duration trait
>>>See Firearrow above. Duration 1?
p81 - Runelords - Duties refers to Runepriests.
>>>Typo, but should income donation be more than priests?
p112 - Elf The Long Bow is listed as 1d10 damage as opposed to 2d8 damage in the weapon table. Siggtryg
>>>Should elves use Nomad bows or longbows?
How did you get to read the rules if they haven't been relased yet? Are ther some new previews somewhere?
seanwalsh said:
I believe it occurs in Swindon, UK, but I don't think they have states.

State of confusion, anyway. :)

Thanks for the info. It's a bit too far to me to go to, what with an ocean in the way an all, but it is a nice idea.

"Whaa. I wanna see RuneQuest!" :(
Say, after looking over Hafbat's questions, I wonder if we get to bump up our results with masteries? :?:
Sorry, I should have made it a bit more clear. It's a valid copy from the open day. I've amended some of the stuff.
p.55 says characters hit in the head, chest or abdomen test Resilience or "fall unconscious". While nasty chest or abdomen wounds might cause delirium or even unconsciousness, perhaps this would be better reading "fall unconscious or be otherwise rendered helpless" so that characters aren't assumed to black out like a K.O.d boxer?
The Elf longbow is listed as 1d10-d2 damage.

Longbows are given 2d8 damage in the weapon table, and the damage modifier due to Str + Siz only applies to thrown missile weapons.
Sigtrygg said:
The Elf longbow is listed as 1d10-d2 damage.

Longbows are given 2d8 damage in the weapon table, and the damage modifier due to Str + Siz only applies to thrown missile weapons.

I had thought that it was officially stated on the boards somewhere that all missle weapons get the damage bonus unless specifically stated otherwise in the weapons description (as it is for blowguns and crossbows).

I have been looking but can't find it at the moment.
Sigtrygg said:

It's in the player's guide PDF.

The damage for a longbow is still wrong though ;)

Double D'oh!

I shoulda looked there too. :oops:

Maybe the bow is just long for an Elf.
Page 43: Potions the different potions in the table are listed under a table heading called "Crystals". Clearly a copy and paste table error :)