Epic Conan


Is this something anyone could see happening or do we think Conan and the denziens of his world should remain in the 20 level structure?
20 levels is a long way to go in a Conan campaign and any character would have had a worthy career who gets that far.

I mean come on "Fear and Honor would be heaped upon your name"

A creative DM can always go farther if they want but... I think I would keep my games to a cap of 20 with maybe a chance to come out of retirement or 2.

Anything further starts tampering with uber powered adversaries or limitless hoards to be piled up dead or possibly even..."Secrets Man Was Not Meant To Know" 8) .

Thats cool and all but in Hyboria I'm keeping my boots on the ground!
The problem with "epic" level gamming in the d20 system is, and always has been, that the math starts to break down. Playing above level 20 means either you extrapolate the under-20 mechanics, in which case they will eventually start to collapse under their own weight, or your retool the entire system in which case the under-20 mechanics will probably suffer.

Not saying that a talented GM can't run a good game over level 20. Just that I've never seen a mechanical solutioun that didn't leave me feeling cold.

Now when you take that and, in addition to it, consider that you can get in a lot of gamming under level 20, and that 16th level characters feel prety darn badass standing next to 3rd level NPC's, one has to wonder why there is a need to smash your head against a brick wall in order to play over level 20.

If the desire is simply for a very high-power game then might I simply suggest gestalt characters? They are much more mechanics-friendly than epic-level characters. Though I suspect you won't get as much mielage out of them in a Conan game as a dnd game considering that the Conan classes are already so versatile.

As for myself, I perfer to run my games somewhere in the level 6-12 region. Just my style.

Hope that helps.
My personal view is that epic level campaigns are an unrealistic operation, because the PCs are not able to play the role of an epic character (Frodo and Sam are easy to identify with, Gandalf is definitely not).
Additionally, in Hyboria epic campaigns are just out of place.

But that's just my opinion.
I agree; the level 15-20 range is epic enough as far as I'm concerned. Even at lower levels (8-10 or so) characters can be very tough and basically wade through lower-level opponents.
Above level 20 you'd probably get guys who could wrestle with gods and singlehandedly defeat armies. While that can be cool for other games (D&D, Exalted etc.), I don't think its all that appropriate for Hyboria.
Heh, I'm not putting forward that I agree with it, just wanted to know people's opinions on it.

I've always seen Epic gameplay as when the characters reached an almost God-like level of power, reputation and influence. It is much more suited to a magical environment where eaching the awesomeness of a deity is much more realistic. 20 levels in Conan, I would imagine, would encompass a life time of conflict.
Hyborian Empires may tackle this issue or at least present some options for epic level heroes. I can't see a low level PC ruling a country unless he was born into the nobility. Either way, I would say 12-15 is epic in the Conan RPG.