Enter the Bifrost


There’s a special kind of excitement permeating the offices of Mongoose HQ, as we’re formally announcing the official Shield Maidens Kickstarter dates today!

We’ll be launching our newest crowdfunding project on the 1st of April – and that’s definitely not an April Fool’s joke! It’s always thrilling to start an entirely new tabletop RPG line with its own rules set, especially one with a vast universe to play around in: the nine realms! We’ll be talking about Shield Maidens more in-depth almost every day, without neglecting our other games – which means you’ll be seeing a lot more posts on all of our social media.

On Instagram, we’ll be divulging more about the Shield Maidens setting and rules almost every single day, so do make sure to head over there on a regular basis to discover all of the different aspects Shield Maidens will be covering; as far as we know, it’s the only TTRPG out there about tough female futuristic warriors with shields powered by the Norse gods themselves! It’d be great to see you all back our Kickstarter, of course, but we’ll be giving you plenty of reasons to do so along the way.

For more information: https://www.mongoosepublishing.com/shield-maidens

And, just in case you need a direct link to our Instagram page, here it is: www.instagram.com/mongoose_publishing