Duck Miniatures


Banded Mongoose
Sorry to post a negative sounding post however, I received my Duck miniatures a couple of days ago and they arrived in a loose plastic baggie inside a post office mailing box. I could have sworn they were described as a boxed set. Anyone in the know why or where the boxes are?

The actual contents were correct (in fact an additional stand was included-whoopee!) and the miniatures are as described on the website. They work well with my original Runequest miniatures from eons ago being a more realistic 25mm scale and in a decent variety of poses. Unfortunately they appear terribly puny next to the current trend of 28mm+ minis from the likes of Reaper Minis, Iron Wind etc. Even my halflings tower over them.

I hope the Broos and Troll sets yet to come are more substantial.
If you ordered direct from Mongoose mail order they'll sometimes send miniatures straight from production in ziplocks rather than packaged product destined for stores (just like GW mail order sometimes sends the stuff you ordered in ziplock bags instead of blisters).

The retail product is indeed in a box - a rather plain one with a couple of stickers slapped on it, to keep packaging costs down, but curiously also considerably larger than what is really needed for the ziplock full of ducks inside it :)

Personally I'd rather have seen them blistered than boxed, but I understand certain distributors make a fuss about carrying blister packs.
Thank-you for that, makes sense as I did order direct from Mongoose months ago when they were first announced. I would have thought getting the box would have been part of the order as many (like myelf) are collectors as much as players. Oh well! :?