DTRPG Deal of the Day is Clement Sector!

Gypsy Knights Games

Cosmic Mongoose
The Clement Sector Core Setting Book is Drivethru RPG's "Deal of the Day". That means that you can save 60% off the normal price.

Normally this book would cost you $19.99 but, until 11am Eastern tomorrow, it will only cost you $8. So if you've never bought our setting book before, now is the time!!


But that, as they say, is not all!

We've also put our other core books on a 40% sale for the same time period.

That's Clement Sector: The Rules, the Anderson & Felix Guide to Naval Architecture (our shipbuilding book), Diverse Roles (our career book), and Unmerciful Frontier (our world and system generator).

So don't miss this!

And Happy Father's Day from Independence Games!